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We have different backgrounds

We are professional designers, developers, animators, technicians, managers and Pepsi drinkers.

We think forward

We evolved in a short period of time to achieve a status of uniqueness and originality.

We get the job done

Because creativity is a promise we will always keep.

We believe in talent

We believe in fun and in an aggressive approach.

We are visionaries

When it comes to planning garden parties.

We create with love

We dont give up

Sometimes we sign our contracts in blood, but usually pen and ink are fine.

We set trends

We do not replicate, and we do not tolerate suits.

Our work is our passion

We hit the books, Internet, and each other to find the absolute best solutions.

We are curious

We do this by asking: If your company were an animal, what would it be?

We love colours

Just because.


“To Make a Creative Impact”


“To expand our community to reach all creative fields through our belief in human talents; we aim to become a trend setter”.


1. Creativity 2. Passion 3. Aggressiveness 4. Commitment 5. Human Capital Empowerment”



“We are committed to provide our customers with our own trends and in-house designs, innovative digital and creative services based on our human talents, while continuously improving our knowledge and quality management system in order to meet projects needs and let your brand make an impact”.

Here is the long boring list of all our services.

  • Design

    The first part of the design process is to meet and get to know you. We familiarize ourselves with the project, with your goals for your company and our work together.

    • Branding & identity
    • Advertising
    • Art direction
    • Image consultancy
    • Concept development
    • Content development (copywriting)
    • Brochures & manuals
    • Packaging
    • Signage
    • Websites design
    • Application design
    • Advanced UX
  • Social media

    The social media department rethinks how you can connect with your customers, clients, suppliers or partners.

    • Handling & applying the social media for our clients
    • Guerilla campaigns
    • E-marketing
  • Animation

    Our animation department develops 2d or 3d animations for a variety of clientele including explanatory, marketing or promotional videos, presentations, or to enhance your website's SEO.

    • Post-production (2d & 3d animation)
    • Motion graphics
    • Broadcast Design
    • Visual Effects
    • Stereoscopic 3D output
    • 3d modeling
    • cg visualization
  • Digital

    The digital department is committed to creating a cohesive online experience catered to your specific needs.

    • Web Application Architecture
    • Web Application Development
    • Website Development
    • Facebook Applications
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Web Consultancy
    • CMS

    Qrude is our new busy creative studio for professional photography and workshops. Established by the international photographer Mr. Rudy Shoushany with the collaboration of our art directors & designers. It is a space conceived to host workshops of all kind: Photography, Design, Painting, Fashion... It is a small space with big ambition.

    • Photography
    • Fashion workshop area
    • Makeup workshop area

Hello! We would be glad to hear from you!

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Beirut Head Office

St. Elias Neighborhood Street 6, Sector 1, Jeita, Lebanon

+ 961 9 232893

Riyadh Office

PO Box 106151 Riyadh 11666, Saudi Arabia

+ 966 92 000 5586

Fax + 966 11 239 0980

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Our agent will contact you in the coming days to set a meeting.

  • Our Reception: The place where we meet you, greet you with love and a recycled cactus.

  • Our Creative Lab: Where out Mad Men (and women) get their groove on.

  • Our ADC: Where a tall woman, and a shorter one paint on walls, drink diet Pepsi and struggle to keep The Walking Creatives under control.

  • Our Digital Room: You’d think it was built with binary coding but it’s not. It’s a normal room with actual walls where virtual activities take place.

  • Our Aquarium: A cool glass room where fish are the last thing you’d expect to find.

  • The Smiley Hallway: The happiest hallway of all-time.

  • Our Creative Director’s Office: The most humble space in the office; where the boss stacks empty bottles of Moet champagne on the shelves. / The room where the Boss spends most of his time trying to keep this whole mess together.