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March 2016

What is the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio represents the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions.

Its most famous application is the golden rectangle, which can be split into a perfect square, and a smaller rectangle that has the same aspect ratio as the initial one.

It is claimed that the designs following the golden ratio are the most pleasing layouts to the eye. The golden ratio has earned a tremendous reputation: The Pyramids of Giza, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Twitter and Pepsi logos are all said to be designed using the Golden Ratio.


However, many designers do not follow the Golden Mean and identify it as a myth, arguing that the Golden Ratio is always going to be a little off.

Without picking sides, we at FEER McQUEEN worked on a project that allowed us to explore the golden ratio, and we are proud to announce that it was featured in Visual Harmony: Proportions in Graphic Design; a globally published book that elaborates on the knowledge and information involving proportions and showcases outstanding graphic design works influenced by the golden ratio.

The book was also carried to the Frankfurt Book Fair held in October in Germany.

You can check out the publication on the link below:

How to draw a golden rectangle:

How To | Golden Rectangle

More about the project:
Artland is a Saudi Based Company operating in the field of Design, General Contracting and Furniture. The company’s capability of executing  turn-key projects with the utmost precision and finishing was reflected with the ideal proportions.

Rebecca Mourani
Associate Creative Director

Are you a Fiat or a Ferrari?


Many businesses fail to promote their product the right way and may lack the ability to connect with their customers emotionally. Simply because, they fail to understand the core essence of their brand: its personality.

How does a brand have a personality?

A brand personality is a set of attributes that describes a brand’s characteristics and creates a deep connection with its consumers.

How to define a Brand personality?

Consumers tend to make purchases based on how they identify with a brand: how it makes them feel and sometimes how it makes them look.

At our Creative house we help our clients understand the character of their brand by drawing its analogy with a car. By asking them what car is your brand, we are in fact asking them to define its origins, performance, attributes and future.

Why is this exercise an essential practice for them?

For the same reason(s) that drives a buyer to purchase an Audi A4 over a Kia Rio, and the same reason he/she chooses its color or any special upgrades in it. We all opt for the car that represents us best. We end up buying the car we are most comfortable with: the one that sums up our personality just by sitting behind its wheel.

From a picture of the car in their mind we can start defining their brand’s adjectives: Is it trendy or conservative? Is it vintage? Luxurious? Or is it sporty?

We can translate every emotion it evokes in the most appropriate representation: the brand’s logo, color, typography, imagery and all other collaterals.

So what kind of car are you?

Rebecca Mourani
Associate Creative Director

Going back to work after a long 9-month maternity leave

After a 9-month maternity leave, I have finally decided that it was time for me to go back to work. Watching TV, doing some spots, having long showers, napping… are surely tempting but having a career and being productive are even more rewarding.

2 main reasons why I decided to go back to work:
– Ambition
On one hand, being a mother was my dream; I achieved it sooner than I thought. On the other hand, I had ambitions regarding my studies and career. One of the misconceptions I hear out there is that any woman who tries to combine a high-powered career and a family is going to be one frazzled, sleep-deprived mess. That’s wrong, as I see happy successful women everywhere I go and I have also been a working mom for two years.

– Better for my kids
Staying with your baby day and night is something most, if not all moms wish to do. I thought that giving up on my career is the ultimate gift I could offer my  kids until I read several articles stating that children of a working mom turn out of be more successful at work and relationships. They all made sense! A working mom should not feel guilty!

Now back to work!

Believe me when I say that 9 months were enough to make me feel totally out of the loop regarding new trends and practices especially in the digital market. I felt that the only way to compensate for what I missed during my stay at home was to spend the first week at work getting trainings from my colleagues, reading blogs and doing all kinds of research. Focusing and opening my mind to acquire the new updates was no walk in the park.

Needless to say how much energy I had to put to focus on the trainings and briefs I had on my first day.  As my bedtime routine was disrupted, I constantly felt sleepy and empty. I missed my baby boy; I was checking my cell phone every now and then waiting for any news from my mom or any picture of his little face. Colleagues around me looked very organized and taken by what they are doing while my thoughts were going in and out of work.

FEER McQUEEN has always been a truly inspirational workspace for me. There is nothing better than collaborating with a team whose creativity and dedication know no bounds. I rely on myself first and on the professional environment I am working in, to be able to dig deep into the world of productivity and challenges.

Layal Harfouche
Business Developer

Set design: From Conception to execution!

Recently, as some of you might have noticed, we launched our 5-year anniversary campaign on Facebook and Instagram. For this occasion, we hit the food delivery notes, supplier receipts, and each other, to decide on the top 5 names we have been miss-called during the last 5 years, and the results were hilarious.

And the Oscars go to:

  1. FARMAQUEEN (FAR.MA.QUEEN) A farm that produces organic products for monarchies. YES we brought a real chicken to the studio, and NO animals were harmed during the making of this shoot.
  2. FITAMRID (FITA.MRID) A design house whose talented members can no longer relate to the real world. This definition and its interpretation show how much our own are dedicated and committed to the campaign and the company. Thank you Edline.
  3. PHARMAQUEEN (PHAR.MA.QUEEN) A drugstore that sells exclusive designer medicines. We cannot survive without our pills!
  4. FEEL MY QUEEN (FEEL.MY.QUEEN) Used by a guy to describe his hot desirable body. No comment here.
  5. FIRMAQUEE7 (FIR.MA.QUEE7) The new form of the famous “zouzou ebba”. Some weird props and flashbacks have been made alive for this set, we would like to keep questions to a minimum.

To present to you our lovely nicknames, we went out and about, creating the most awkward set designs (trust me on this), and this how we did it:

Art direction: our super talented Senior Art Director Zeina Baaklini (AKA the pharmacist) manually prepared each set with extra care and love for craftsmanship. Here are the prescriptions:

  • You should always start with a defined color palette that covers clothes, backgrounds and props.
  • Draw sketches for each composition and do not leave anything to the last minute. Improvising on set can be lethal!
  • Make sure to have the make-up and hairstyles chosen ahead. Try to have as many references between your hands as possible.
  • And most importantly pick a photography style that goes with your theme. Choose your lighting and the effects that suit your set and desired end-result.

And I will add one myself:

  • Get interestingly and funny weird models to chip in and it will guarantee you very promising results!

Happy 5th anniversary FEER McQUEEN!

Rebecca Mourani
Associate Creative Director
Zeina Baaklini
Senior Art Director