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July 2016

Would You Help Me on the Road!?

A few weeks ago, I was driving on the high way, and my right, rear door was not closed well. While some people passed by without noticing, a lot honked and signaled me to close it, but pulling over while driving in traffic jam is not easy at all. One guy drove along my side, opened his window, opened my door, and then shut it closed. Thank you, man!

I was literally choked up and happy to see that some people still care to help others, some people still have ethics in this country where moral values are becoming worthless, because some people come up with new ideas to trick us on a daily basis, not to help us.

I read an article about new ways to steal a car in Lebanon, and it doesn’t surprise me at all how some manage to use their intelligence to invent ways to harm instead of help. Lebanese or not, IT IS A SHAME!

They will try to hit your tires with stones, making you pull over, then hit you and take the car, or even worse, use the tow truck to take your car and get away with it. There are more and more ways we hear about every day.

We were raised to help others, but nowadays it is a bit confusing. If we see someone in need of help on the roads, should we help? Shouldn’t we? But what if one day it was us who needed the help and no one stopped?

It keeps coming to my mind that one lady who stopped for Mr. Michel El Mur, even without recognizing him, just because she saw a man burnt and needed help, practically saved his life… but what if he was a thief faking it? She would have lost hers.

The best way is never stop on an empty road. Never get out of the car, especially if you are alone at night. Always stop near a gas station or a shop. Never pick up a hitchhiker, and don’t be one, because sometimes it is the driver who might trick you. The bottom line is, we should be as careful as we can, because our roads are not safe anymore.

I just pray to run into more people like that man who helped me!

Have a safe drive!

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Michella Salameh
Project Manager

The Importance of Brand Consistency And How To Achieve It

Nowadays, brands have an extensive online presence, covering various social media channels and websites. That is perfect… if the brand is consistently represented over all platforms. From the name, to the logo, to the design, and on to the message, a brand must be uniform in its communication in order to achieve maximum efficiency and brand awareness.

Consistency does so many things for a brand:

  1. It helps manage customers’ perception by shaping how people see you in a standard and focused way.
  2. It helps represent a professional, organized, and stable brand.
  3. It helps promote customer loyalty, which is built upon brand stability.
  4. It helps focus your company’s core values and promise by keeping a uniform message.
  5. It commands authority…
  6. Which in turn builds trust, by guaranteeing a well-rounded offering.

Brand consistency is easy to achieve, you just need to be dedicated and stick to it. It is not just about design alone, or content alone. It is about the big picture which your brand portrays.

Brand consistency can be achieved through uniformity in:

  1. Cover photos and profile pictures
  2. Typeface and font color
  3. Colors and design style
  4. Slogans and taglines
  5. Logo throughout brand collateral
  6. Company’s goals

Communication with all employees  on the importance of brand consistency is necessary in order to keep everyone on board. Whenever something changes, it is necessary to inform everyone so that the most up to date image of the brand is conveyed to your customers.

Brand…Solid Brand: or on the importance of the tone of voice

Ashley El-Jor
Creative Writer

5 Funny Facts about Pokémon Go

#1 Old fans are living the time of their lives

(FILES) This file picture taken on August 16, 2015 shows dozens of people dressed up as Pikachu, the famous character of Nintendo's videogame software Pokemon, dancing with fans as the final of a nine-day "Pikachu Outbreak" event in Yokohama, in suburban Tokyo. With Pokemon-mania sweeping the planet, Nintendo's nascent shift into mobile gaming has proved a massive hit, vindicating the Japanese videogame giant's decision to unshackle itself from a long-standing consoles-only policy. / AFP PHOTO / TORU YAMANAKA / TO GO WITH Japan-US-IT-Nintendo-Pokemon-lifestyle,FOCUS by Harumi OZAWA

#2 Nobody wants to believe that the “Pokémon world” is VIRTUAL. Everybody talks about it as if it were real: “I caught two today”, “There was one out there”, “Watch out it’s behind you”  #cuddlingwithmypokemon etc…


#3 You can’t sit anymore without wondering whether you are crashing a Pokémon’s head under you – They’re everywhere! Even in your private places…


#4 Gym Owners :) You don’t want to get in their way


#5 And last but not least, those who downloaded this version and believe they are following the trend


Mia Rouphael
Digital Marketeer

Beyond brands: Humble tips on creating great slogans

Slogans. They have been around for ages, reflecting brands and, most importantly, defining lifestyles and generations. Creating a strong one is not a stroll in the park. Indeed, when a slogan is well-thought out, it can become an inspiration, a value, and even a way of life.

Take the timeless “Just do it”, for example. Not only is it memorable, but it has taken its brand outside the sports industry and spread its ideology in every endeavor human beings take. It has become a motivational call for seizing moments and achieving things without procrastination. Another great example is “a diamond is forever”. These 4 words have defined the value of diamond jewelry eternally and have made every woman ask for it.

So how to proceed in creating memorable slogans?

1-Think different:
Needless to say, your slogan should be original and memorable. You should make it stand out from the rest of the pool.

2-Have it your way:
A brand’s slogan should directly reflect the ideology and culture behind its identity. If it’s not entirely your own, then it is in vain. Your brand has a specific character; emphasize it.

3-Impossible is nothing:
While it might feel like there isn’t one new and original idea left out there, think again. Although we live in a world where everything has been done and done again, when your brand has what it takes, originality is a given.

4-Just do it:
If you don’t try, you won’t come up with the best slogan there is. Get out there, start jotting down ideas, and just do it.

Brand..Solid Brand: Or on the importance of the Tone of Voice

Tony Raad
Content Manager

Are We Humans Or Are We Watchers?

Whether it’s black and white, cartoon, romantic, or science fiction, films steal us to a magical world, at least for a couple of hours.

Nowadays, we follow series like there is no tomorrow. We eat, pray, and love in front of a TV. We browse for fun.
Maybe we are not looking to a screen, but we are looking for a life we wish we had.
Maybe we want a group of FRIENDS as funny and compatible as hell, or we want to live LOVE ACTUALLY, or maybe we just want to experience a WHIPLASH moment.
When we want to laugh, we pay to watch stand-up comedians state the obvious. When we are depressed, it takes one good movie and a box of tissues to make it all better.
The only thing we don’t do is watch out for each other. The more we witness, the further it draws us apart, and only a screen can transport us to a peaceful and caring world we daydream about.
Our greatest affiliation is to smart phones, tablets, and desktops.
And why not? They are reliable and always available; they show us what we want and make our life a bit easier. In parallel, we take care of them, spend loads of money on them, buy them accessories, and never let go.
No wonder our best relationship is with a screen!

Thank you screens for transforming us from humans to watchers.

Keep Calm and Carry On!

Rebecca Mourani
Associate Creative Director

Recoloring Artwork in Illustrator

When animating a 2D project, a big part of my time goes into creating the design on illustrator first. (The other part consists in trying to find inspiration and appreciating the general existence of pizza.)
You can discover ways to make your life much easier for the animation part of the project by first fixing the illustrator file accordingly.
One feature we’ve all enjoyed on Photoshop, other than editing pictures of dinosaurs chasing little children, or creating memes, is altering the colors with a simple click of a button from the hue/saturation panel.  Few people know that the same feature exists in illustrator too.
Let’s say below is our artwork. It contains 72 images with different hues of colors.


You could select each color alone and change it, then undo, and change another and waste precious minutes of your life, when you could be watching Netflix, OR you could go to Edit – Edit Colors – Recolor Artwork. Make sure you select the region or artwork whose colors you want to alter with the selection tool first.
Illustrator will open up a window with all the different colors you’re using under the “Assign” part of this feature.
You could double-click to the right color column and alter any color you want individually as many times as you want, while having the “previous” color as a reference to the left. You could also change the hue, saturation, and brightness of the color with the bottom options H S B (while making sure “Recolor Art” is selected).
Illustrator can also pick a random color or brightness, change the order of colors, or even find a color in the artwork by highlighting it for you. All of this can be done with a simple click of a button. options

Pic 1

Let’s say we select the background color by double-clicking on the right and selecting a nice yellow.
(It looks terrible, I know, but it’s to highlight an obvious change.)

Pic 2

You could access the default color swatches, or swatches you’ve created for a possibly more interesting result.


If you go to the “Edit” part of the window and click on link harmony colors icon, you can change all the colors together simultaneously.

Pic 3

This allows you to change colors easily and more effectively. You can always cancel and go back to your initial artwork if you didn’t find any pleasing alternative.
A plus feature of editing colors is converting the artwork in grayscale, which can be achieved by going to Edit – Edit Colors – Convert to Grayscale, and voila, it’s effortless.


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Vickie Boschiero
Junior Animation Art Director