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March 2017

Mad Men Heinz Ad Pitch Is Coming To Life, For Real!

Look out, all of you Mad Men fans, one of their fictional pitches is coming to life!

In season six of the hit TV show Mad Men, there was a pitch for Heinz that didn’t go so well in the 1960s. But in the real world, in 2017, Heinz and David Miami are taking on the (fictionally) 50 year old idea and executing it today.

The ads focus on close ups of foods that go with Heinz, with the simple line, “Pass the Heinz.” It is a straight to the point, quick, and witty concept. Despite being given a ‘no’ as part of the show’s storyline, the idea took flight in the real world, where fiction and reality meet.

Billboards have been plastered around New York City, at Seventh Avenue and 49th Street, Tenth Avenue by the Lincoln Tunnel entrance, and 23rd Street near the High Line park.

Mad Men Heinz Ad Pitch Coming To Life For Real | FEER McQUEEN blog

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