BBAC 60 YearsX

Advertising,Branding,Graphic Design

BBAC 60 Years Campaign: We focused on BBAC\'s history and legacy in caring for its clients, highlighting its importance among the top banks in Lebanon through a 360 campaign. The visual concept is based on the \'60\' in each visual being enlarged and set as prime importance to emphasize the 60-year anniversary and everything that it stands for. The number wireframe was also dressed in the vibes and material of each visual\'s scenario. 1. "Together We Envisioned" - nature and greenery. 2. "Together We Forged Ahead" - technology and business. 3. "Together We Thrived." - harvest and farming. 4. "Together We Achieved." - building and construction. Each of these visuals also featured 2 main characters - one representative of BBAC in formal attire, and one representative of the bank\'s clientele, interacting together to represent BBAC\'s constant care. Event: We worked on the 60 Years anniversary event from A to Z, including on-site design, animation, and a live twitter tag board. With over 900 people in attendance, including BBAC employees, international team members, administration, and esteemed guests, the lavish Gala lunch took place at the Biel Pavilion on October 22. The event included live entertainment from Music Hall, including Bilal and The Chehade Brothers, as well as various competitions and prizes.

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